Cherry Red Salon

424-B McClaine St. Silverton OR

503 680-7633


The Stylists at Cherry Red Salon specialize in creating a customized Cut and Color to best suit your personal style and coloring. They are highly educated and creative individuals who will work with you to define and create a look that truly compliments you from the inside out! 

Cherry Red Salon

Stylists of Cherry Red Salon

Retro Style Modern Fun

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Cody Vance 


Science Matters

He has a knowledgeable fresh perspective on why things work the way they do with our hair. Cody is a great person to bring your questions to. He specializes in cuts and colors for the whole family!



Jillian Vance

Hair Stylist


Quality Comes First

She is a highly-qualified, professional Hair Stylist. Jillian has been a Stylist for 16 years. Her experience is in Cutting, Coloring and Hair Styling including specializing in Vintage Styling and Weddings . She is well known for her quality of work.