Cherry Red Salon

J BEverly Hills

A line of shampoos and conditioners for every hair need that smell delicious and take excellent care of colored hair.


An incredible array of styling and care products to fill any need. Aquage specializes specifically in magnificent updos and styling so they design there hair products worthy of creating the most difficult styles. We have a salon full of knowledgeable stylists who can assist you in learning how to create any style and teach you how each product can be used.

503 680-7633

424-B McClaine St. Silverton OR

We Carry a Variety of Products

Retro Style Modern Fun

Boutique Accessories

Purses, Jewelry, Hats, Clothing and more...

Retro and Modern Clothing and Accessories for creating that perfect Pin Up look or heading out to play!

Product Knowledge and Education

Integral Part of our business

Staying current on all of the latest trends and techniques as well as knowing the ins and outs of some of the best products on the market is our mission. Our Stylists are all extremely knowledgeable and can guide you through finding the right products for your individual needs.