3) Spray with hair spray and wait at least 10 min. while curls cool. (This is important for setting the curls!)
4) After cooled undo all clips and let curls fall loosely. Use Paddle brush to gently brush through curls and combine them together.
5) Use Teasing brush to section bangs and tease them. Smooth the sections together gently and form one uniform smooth curl with them. Tease the back sections of the hair as well to create more volume then smooth them back over. Make sure you can not see any of  the teasing when you are through.
6) You should have a smooth volumized crown and luxurious bouncy curls! You can finish this look off by gathering one side behind the ear and adding a large flower clip. I like to spray my hair once more especially the bangs so they stay put!

Cherry Girl How To's

A Step by step guide to creating Fun styles

Pin Up Girl

Soft Curls

Retro Style Modern Fun


1) Start by parting your bang area and separate the amount of hair that will be used for bangs. Curl the bangs all going the same direction and secure each curl to the head with a prong clip.

2) Continue Curling the rest of the hair starting with the top section. Pay attention to the direction the curls go in. They should be directed back on the top and continue going down in the back and on the sides. 


Hair Spray I use Aquage Finishing Spray for a brushable hold.

Prong Clips

Tease Brush

Paddle Brush

1-1 1/2 inch Curling Iron Depending on hair length and desired curl size. The smaller the barrel of the iron the smaller the curl. I am using a 1 1/4 inch today.

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